Robotic process automation

At Trask, we have specialised in digital transformation from the word go. Integration, always our strong suit, was joined over time by BPM technology and, in 2017, by RPA (Robotic Process Automation), giving us the insight we needed to design advanced system solutions in the field of process automation.

Clients who trust us:

Clients who trust us:

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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an automation method where a software robot, operates applications just like a human would. As it works with a user interface, existing systems do not need to be modified in the slightest in order to accommodate the automation of processes.

of deploying RPA

Rapid roll-out

The fact that the client’s IT systems can remain as they are is one of the reasons why RPA can be deployed in production in a matter of one to three months.

Quick returns and savings

An RPA investment pays for itself in just 2 to 8 months. On top of that, one bot can do the work of more than 3 FTEs.

Automation of routine tasks

RPA allows staff to leave the routine manual tasks to a bot while they get on with more value-added work.

Continuous operation

A bot can process structured electronic inputs as needed, including around the clock (24/7).

More accurate processes

RPA deployment speeds up a process by 50-90%. Not only that, it is carried out precisely and flawlessly.

What processes does RPA help with?

Processes involving digital inputs

If data are not already in digital form, they must first be prepared. This can be handled, for example, by integrating RPA with an OCR solution.

Infrequency of changes to applications and processes where RPA is to be deployed

Robotic automation works best with systems and processes that are stable and not being changed all the time, otherwise the bots require constant adjustment.

Clearly defined processes with precise decision-making rules

A process is ripe for robotic automation if it is clearly defined and the decision-making related to it does not rely heavily on human discretion.

Trask and RPA

RPA requires technological insight and a holistic approach right from the start.  When it comes to process automation, we look at the bigger picture – through the eyes of a large technology company implementing a whole raft of different technologies – rather than from the worm’s-eye view of a humble RPA supplier. We offer customers a comprehensive technological solution that best meets their automation needs.

Beginning with the very first processes, we follow best practices for large enterprise implementations and pursue a vision of the overall concept:

For implementation to be a success, the assignment needs to be well grounded.

With this in mind, we start our projects by reviewing the assignment with the customer.

It is necessary to have a justifiable need for process automation.

Consequently, the assignment includes information about the planned time savings and any other benefits.

Ideally, the roll-out of RPA technology should start off as a small project and move forward, process by process, without ever losing sight of the overall concept.

RPA allows processes to be added on an ongoing basis.

For us, it is not a case of job done once we have delivered a solution. We prefer to establish long-term partnerships.

We will design the overall concept of RPA and related processes, help to resolve any incidents that crop up, provide assistance moving forward, and pave the way for internal team building. We will give advice on the operation of our solution, or operate it ourselves until an internal team is set up.

The RPA platforms we can automate processes on

We have long-running experience of global RPA leaders’ platforms, which enable us to supply clients with advanced solutions that meet their needs and requirements.

Automation Anywhere

This solution, particularly popular in North America, is consistently held up as a leader in the field. Automation Anywhere has long focused on making developments in automation accessible to end users.

Blue Prism

A widespread solution in Europe that hails from the UK. It is firmly established among the top three RPA platforms. It is distinguished in particular by the strong emphasis it places on the enterprise structure of emerging automation.

Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft has significantly strengthened its RPA presence by incorporating Softomotive’s WinAutomation into its Power Automate family of products. This solution is a challenger to process automation leaders. Trask is a Microsoft partner.


Currently the most advanced RPA solution. Massive investment, an emphasis on standards, and a very user-friendly approach have transformed this originally Romanian outfit into the most advanced globally supported RPA platform. Its main qualities include its fast automation development and easy transfer of .NET knowledge. Trask is a UiPath partner.

Our services

We will guide you safely through robotic process automation, from your first steps to advanced enterprise implementations with dozens of bots. We insist on compliance with RPA-related standards and best practices. No matter how far you have already progressed in RPA at your company, you are sure to benefit from our experience and services.

In conjunction with robotic process automation, we offer our experts’ comprehensive services in the following areas:


Our developers have a deep knowledge of programming. Besides process automation itself, they pursue other goals regarded as best practices in the field (coding standards, modularity, reusability, etc.) during development. Our solutions are in line with platform makers’ recommendations. They are easy to modify and build on in the development of further processes.


We will help you to formulate the assignment, assess how suitable it is for automation, propose the optimal automation method, and draw up a detailed process definition document (PDD) as a basis for development. 


We will advise and help you with the operation of the solution and with internal team building. If you do not wish to operate the RPA solution yourselves, you can place the smooth running of your automation needs in our hands. We can offer 24/7 support.


We offer various types of RPA training, from beginners to a level on a par with professional certification. Besides delivering standardised content, we can also prepare training tailor-made for your company.


Long-term mentoring is one of the most effective ways for your specialists to acquire the skills covered by training. While intensive training is a conduit for the transfer of knowledge, mentoring teaches how to master that knowledge in practice. We also provide RPA mentoring to RPA managers responsible for a specific area.


We will advise you on a suitable platform and set standards for your RPA deliveries, your development and the documentation to be supplied. We will help you to establish a competence centre and set up basic RPA governance processes (the collation of requirements, change management, release management). From the point of view of internal customers, the RPA services you provide to them will be transparent and sustainable, even in the context of diverse processes.

Why take the plunge with us?

We believe that technology adds intrinsic value to a business. We are fully committed to knowledge and innovation. Thanks to our more than 550 experts and their enthusiasm for technology, Trask provides premium digital solutions that are changing the worlds of banking, the automotive industry, and manufacturing.


We have 26 years’ experience and cooperation with the largest Czech and foreign companies behind us. We have worked with them on numerous root-and-branch business transformations.


Drawing on more than 550 IT specialists and the technological know-how that we share across Trask, we are able to implement, support and operate comprehensive solutions for diverse lines of business.


We educate and develop our people through training, certification, and R&D projects. In 2018 alone, we channelled almost a million euros of investment into this area.


Many clients rely on our services and have trusted us for years. We always consult clients before introducing robotic automation so that we can be sure it tallies with their needs and requirements.


Our work with ČSOB goes back years and encompasses many different areas. In the field of intelligent process automation, we mainly provide analytical services for BPM and RPA. We also implement NLP (natural language processing) technology here.

Komerční banka

Since the beginning of 2018, our specialists have been dedicated members of the KB robotic automation team, playing a role in its management and contributing to the development of robotic automation skills. Our experts have been involved in virtually all areas throughout the automation development cycle. This has included assessing selected processes for their automation potential, running analyses and designing the actual automation solutions, which they have then implemented and, ultimately, operated.

Prague City Hall

We provide Prague City Hall with RPA-related analytical and consulting services, assist it with the selection of suitable processes, and help to define the steps ready for automation. We use RPA technology to automate processes in the accounting department.


For a client, choosing an RPA platform is always a highly complex challenge. We are pleased that we have been able to help ING Bank N.V.’s Czech arm to choose the RPA platform that best suits its needs.


We analysed a selection of Mall Group a.s.’s financial processes, drew up PDDs for them, and automated them. For example, the bots issue and clear credit notes, process files from various carriers, and post settlements.


The first process to be automated with RPA technology at MOL Česká republika, s.r.o. was the posting of invoices with a permissible difference between the delivery note and the amount billed. We helped to analyse and define the process, which we then developed and placed in the hands of the internal department responsible for operation and support.


Renault Česká republika, a.s. has tasked us with the implementation and operation of an RPA platform, along with the analysis and automation of selected processes.


Jan Herman

Jan Herman

Jan has been working in the field of process and application automation for more than 14 years. In addition to leading a product development team for robotic process automation and application monitoring, he has participated in the implementation of these products to several financial institutions. Since 2018 he has been the lead of robotic process automation in Trask.

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