Portals and Digital Communication

In the digital world, communication is a strategic activity. We create environments in which companies offer content and services to their customers, partners, and employees. Those environments are user-friendly as well as reliable and secure. We are technology-independent: the solution will be prepared on the platforms by Microsoft, SharePoint, Java, Liferay, Alfresco, WebSphere Portal.

Content Publication, Direct Channels

We offer experience with the preparation of large-scale website presentations with advanced content management systems (CMS) for multi-channel, multi-language, and geographically varied environments. Public websites, extranets and intranets. Direct channels to support acquisition and sales, as well as servicing of products for our current customers.


The solution being user-friendly as well as the overall customer experience are priorities for our design. We focus on the layout of the solution as well as on the overall experience with the system, including the application of all technological possibilities in relation to the existing processes of user interaction.

Web Analytics

The acquisition of information about how the digital space is used by the users (customers) is for us a crucial component in the decisions for further development of digital communication and the products. Combined with digital marketing methods, the information leads directly to the advertising and sale of the product/service offering.

Digital Identity

The ability to know customer preferences is, in our view, key, as it is the replacement for personal contact in the digital world. We focus on the possibilities of acquiring and administering of information about users, the possibilities of their identification and authentication. This applies to both marketing and legislative needs for digital solutions.

Pro koho pracujeme

In the portals and digital communication domain, we typically work for major companies who are the market makers and require solutions on the global quality level. Below you can find the companies we have been our customers for a number of years.

Česká spořitelna Bankovnictví
Škoda Auto Průmysl
ČSOB Bankovnictví
UniCredit Bank Bankovnictví
Raiffeisenbank Bankovnictví
ING Bankovnictví
Allianz Pojišťovnictví
ČMSS Bankovnictví
Zetor Průmysl

S kým spolupracujeme

We have a number of strong partners who guarantee the quality of their products and technologies. We implement them to serve the needs of our customers, always looking for innovative, reliable solutions.

Microsoft SharePoint
IBM WebSphere Portal

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