Know Your Customer

A Reliable On-line Identification Solution

New customers of your digital products no longer have to wait days and physically get to the branch. With Trask KYC, their identification is done in a matter of minutes.

The Main Advantages of Trask KYC

End-to-end identification and verification of a new customer in minutes.

Comprehensive client on-boarding solutions in full compliance with legislation.

Easy integration with your other systems using the REST API.

Modular solution

The Trask KYC solution consists of several independent modules that can be used individually. But only together do they offer the ability to perform full client identification on-line. Each module is implemented as a separate micro-service, to allow for easy scalability.

It is completely documented and very easy to integrate. The process itself, in terms of the sequence of steps, is not fixed and can be arranged by each customer according to their needs.


Trask Personal Data

Facilitates personal document processing, comparison of documents with one another, and above all enables the provisioning of documents via web, mobile web or mobile application. The client just takes a photo or scan of each document.

Using Trask ZenID and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with high reliability, the module evaluates the authenticity of documents and extracts all the necessary data.

Trask Statements

Extracts information from a PDF account statement from another financial institution that previously performed identity verification. The module performs anti-fraud checks to ensure authenticity of the document.

In case the client is to undergo a detailed examination, the extracted transactions can be further analysed to obtain data useful for e.g. credit assessment.

Trask Instant Payments

Performs a verification micropayment to the client's account in another institution.

As part of the penny transfer, it can send a random code to identify the user in the process to prove that they have access to the account.

Thanks to the intra-bank transfer, payments are made almost immediately.

Integration options

Option 1

The first, more individual option, is to use your own web or app that will integrate the KYC API. This solution is particularly useful if a different sequence of steps is required or if not all steps offered by Trask KYC are required.

Option 2

The second option is to use Trask KYC as a central point for identity verification using the provided KYC web application which is ready to be re-branded to fit your graphic design. Your processes redirect the authentication requests to Trask KYC web and get the result back at the end.

Of course it is possible to combine both options.

Implementation Schedule

The schedule always reflects your individual requirements. The schedule below shows a typical delivery time that is based on our experience and applies to a hosted solution outside the your IT infrastructure.

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Implementation options and licensing policy

Trask KYC solutions can be operated in various ways.

  • Service Provision (SaaS) under license
  • Local implementation on your infrastructure
  • Implementation with hosting outside your infrastructure

Trask supplies KYC solutions either separately or as part of a wider digital solution. We also offer consulting and post-implementation support services.


The Trask KYC solution addresses all aspects of identification pursuant to Act No. 253/2008 Coll., On certain measures against money laundering and terrorist financing, as amended, including all required attributes. Therefore, at the end of the process, it can be unambiguously determined whether the client has been identified correctly with respect to AML legislative requirements. Act No. 164/2013 Coll. is also taken into account on international cooperation in tax administration — or confirmation of tax residency. At the same time, the system only performs the necessary steps and does not collect personal data that are not necessary to achieve the purpose, ie identity verification. The functioning of the system complies with GDPR requirements.


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