IT Security

We increasingly rely on IT systems, sharing more and more of our privacy. Security is the key aspect to every solution. We will help you to do it right.

Identity Governance

A priority for each organisation is the protection of its know-how that lies in the company’s data. Identity Governance offers tools for reliable management of access to information; we offer our experience in implementing that.

Identity Management

Is complicated access management giving you a headache? Identity Management, a part of Identity Governance, offers automated, efficient solutions. We can expand it with 14 years of experience.


Our everyday lives are continuously becoming more and more digital by the day. The biometric signature is one of the technologies that can help your company in its digital transformation.

Network Security

If you want to reduce the risk of computer attacks, unavailability of service, or prevent data manipulation and theft during transfer, network security is one of the aspects you need to address.

Application Security

We will assist you in designing new applications safely or in protecting your current applications.


V Trasku věříme v moc znalostí. Proto se o ně dělíme prostřednictvím našeho programu Best Knowledge, Well Shared jak se zaměstnanci, tak i se zákazníky a veřejností. Podívejte se na část našeho sdíleného know-how.

Pro koho pracujeme

In the IT Security domain, we typically work for major companies who are the market makers and require the best quality solutions. Below you can find the companies that have been our customers for a number of years.

S kým spolupracujeme

Máme řadu silných partnerů, kteří garantují kvalitu svých produktů a technologií.
Ty implementujeme podle potřeb našich klientů a vždy hledáme inovativní a spolehlivá řešení.


Naši lidé

Na koho se můžete obrátit pokud máte k problematice jakýkoli dotaz či připomínku?

Jan Koudela

Jan Koudela has been in IT for 20 years, and the domain has been his hobby since his teenage years. He has prepared a number of local and international projects and not only for finance institutions. He is currently working on cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, and fintech. He is Trask’s Senior Manager for IT Operations and IT Security. Kontaktovat

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