Document Digitisation

Our Data Management competence provides a full-scale coverage of content management. Being platform-independent, we can recommend and implement solutions that precisely reflect any specific requirements our customers may have. Our solution is capable of handling millions of records for long-term content storage and document security. Our Data Management services can also be outsourced.

Front Office & Back Office Digitisation

We help companies to address Paperless issues in terms of processing and technology. We analyse, design, and deliver full-scale solutions for efficient content processing, Case Management, as well as Document Digitisation. We combine proven DMS platforms and our own solutions of content security using digital signatures and time stamps for long-term archiving.

Corporate Content Management

We are already administering solutions with our customers that hold millions of records (documents) for content registration, security and long-term storage. We provide full-scale coverage of Document Management. Being platform-independent, we can recommend and implement solutions that precisely reflect any specific requirements our customers may have. Our Data Management services can also be outsourced.

Long-term Storage and Content Security

We assist our customers in defining the concept of long-term storage, security and content archiving. We prepare studies that define the principles and methodologies that conform to in-company policies, national and EU legislation. We implement full-scale solutions that deliver the technology of software solution to registration, security, signatures and time stamps as well as the hardware storage facilities to provide retention. For protection of document integrity we use our own solution, u:Stamp.

Outsourcing of DMS Services

As far as your DMS solution administration is concerned, you leave it all to us. You, as a company, can therefore focus on developing the know-how that is crucial for your business. We can offer you the administration of your company’s DMS solution as a service. Should you need assistance in defining outsourcing services, we will help you to design the Transition Project, catalogue of services, SLA, and other components required for a successful transition to outsourcing.

Document Digitisation

Our offer to the customer includes analysis and delivery of a full-scale solution for document digitisation. Digitisation of paper documents is an inherent component of the company’s Paperless concept. We are capable of recommending and implementing a product that best fits the customer’s requirements in terms of scanning, automated mining and subsequent storage of document data in a pre-defined storage (DMS, database, file system, etc.).

Output management (CCM)

Millennials, the new generation of customers, require new communication channels (SMS, e-mail, Instant Messaging, pvideo). Customers are addressed in a personalised manner, with the context based on their history and behaviour. We will help you to select a solution that will meet the new requirements. It can be a central solution for the entire company or a solution for a single campaign – the trend is using them as cloud services.


At Trask, we believe in the power of knowledge. That is why we share it with our staff, customers and the public via our Best Knowledge, Well Shared program. Look at some of our shared know-how.

Our Products

We have a number of our own products that we have created in response to practical experience. The products are ready for instant deployment.


u:Stamp is smart signing and stamping of electronic documents. u:Stamp is a unique combination of speed, security and reliability – all of which are features a high-quality Paperless product must have. They range from unambiguous provability of documents, accordance to current legislation, clear benefits for the business, to modern, reliable technology concepts.


u:Sign is a ready-made solution for signing electronic (PDF) documents using dynamic biometric signatures on tablet computers and signpads. u:Sign easily integrates into existing processes and does replace paper-based steps. It offers a high level of security and can be further customised to the security policies of the customer.

Who We Work For

In the Document Digitisation domain, we typically work for major companies who are the market makers and require the best quality solutions. Below you can find the companies that have been our customers for a number of years.

Who We Work With

We have a number of strong partners who guarantee the quality of their products and technologies. We implement them to serve the needs of our customers, always looking for innovative, reliable solutions

Documentum, LEAP, InfoArchive, eDOCS, a další
IBM FileNet, IBM Case Manager, box, IBM Content Foundation, IBM Datacap,a další
Sharepoint, Azure, a další
Adobe LiveCycle, a další
Enterprise CCM, Interactive Communication, Personalized Video, a další
Kofax Capture, Kofax SignDoc, Kofax CCM, Kofax Express, a další
EMC Centera, a další

Our People

Who can you contact with questions and/or comments about the topic?

David Tomaier

Document Digitisation David Tomaier has spent 14 years on Document Management. From content digitisation and physical archiving of documents, he continuously transferred into the realm of Enterprise Content Management. He has created solutions from document management and process applications, as well as collaboration and team room solutions. Many of them have received considerable recognition, for example, Microsoft Awards. At Trask, which is currently offering full-scale solutions for Paperless. Kontaktovat

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