Process Digitisation

Trask and Business Process Management (BPM) have walked hand in hand for over 12 years. We have assisted many clients with the implementation of digital processes; we are always expanding our competences with new technologies. They allow us to offer higher speed and efficiency of the internal operation process

Business Process Management

We have a team of experienced, seasoned specialists who are ready to offer consultancy in process management and optimisation. Our experience includes many BPM technologies that range from IBM to open-source tools, such as Activiti and Camunda.

Opensource BPM

Process implementation does not need to start with major investments. Contemporary open-source tools offer full-scale BPM solutions that are capable of standing up to expensive commercial tools. At Trask, we work with Activiti and Camunda open-source BPM solutions.

Process Optimisation

We have a proven team of process analysts who offer years of conversion to the philosophy of “lean”. They will quickly map your business processes and suggest optimisations in terms of time and cost.

Who We Work For

In the Process Digitisation domain, we typically work for major companies who are the market makers and require the best quality solutions. Below you can find the companies that have been our customers for a number of years.

ČSOB Bankovnictví
Moneta Money Bank Bankovnictví
Komerční banka Bankovnictví
ČSOB Pojišťovna Bankovnictví
J&T Banka Bankovnictví

Who We Work With

We have a number of strong partners who guarantee the quality of their products and technologies. We implement them to serve the needs of our customers, always looking for innovative, reliable solutions.

Camunda BPM
Activiti BPM
IBP BPM (Lombardi)

Our People

Who can you contact with questions and/or comments about this topic?

Tomáš Mikeš

Tomáš Mikeš is the supervisor of the BPM and Business Consulting departments. He joined Trask in 2014 as Senior Business Consultant. Tomáš has years of experience from the banking sector where he worked in process and risk management. Kontaktovat

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