The Digital Twin will tell you all about the performance of your organization

What is Digital Twin?

The first Digital Twin came from NASA

Digital Twin (DT) is a digital representation of an existing object. The first version of this idea is said to have been born in NASA engineers' minds: real full-size models, used to test and solve potential orbit problems, have evolved over time and technology to complete digital simulations.

The Digital Twin of Organization (DTO) concept builds on the Digital Twin area. While DT is primarily concerned with physical objects and is therefore successfully used for product simulation, DTO is focused on improving the operational and business efficiency of companies. At Trask, we have been using the DTO concept in practice since 2013, when we first transferred part of the customer's processes to the model and simulated the changes that would occur when applying the measures under consideration.

The term Digital Twin can also be applied to the end customer. You can describe it with different characteristics such as frequency and volume of goods and services purchases. And then follow them, dynamically evaluate them and be able to respond at the most appropriate moment with a precisely targeted offer.

Our Trask Process Discovery will create your Digital Twin

Processes, IT systems and people leave a digital footprint that allows us to create Digital Twins. The first step, therefore, is to analyse and describe these processes. To do this, we use the unique custom Trask Process Discovery tool, which we will lend to you for free during the initial stages of collaboration.

Our method can analyse all process variants in full detail, capturing the links between activities, people, cases and information systems. All this discretely and with the results available in a matter of days. One of the keys to success is that we use existing raw data from the logs that the company already has, and we are not dependent on the data warehouse.

With the help of Digital Twin analytic tools, the functioning of the company can be revealed not only conceptually, but also in real time. To put it simply, it is the ability to monitor everything that is happening in the company and the ability to respond immediately. It can reveal inefficiency up to the level of a particular process, branch, employee or client. This opens up great opportunities for optimization, fraud detection, prediction and innovation.

Four steps to Digital Twin Organization

The concept of a Digital Twin goes through different levels of maturity within the organization - from the essentials to sophisticated models pushing the business to a new quality level of strategic management. We will guide you through the process.


Quick scan of the selected area

We identify with you an area for improvement in your organization. Then, using our own Trask Process Discovery tool, we analyse logs from production systems or other data sources. We will create a Digital Twin of the area. You'll get an idea of the total savings that a solution can bring across your organization.

Duration: 2-3 weeks

Outputs: Process map of the area with clear identification of weaknesses. Report connecting dynamic process data and economic data. Presentation of results including conclusions and recommendations for optimization.

Price: 390,000 Czech Crowns

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One-time organization model

We will analyse other areas and create the Digital Twin of the organization. This gives you an overall view of the organization at a given moment – the process map of the company. This will bring you an understanding of the context and critical points. You will confirm or refute the hypotheses about individual areas.

Duration: 2-3 weeks/roughly

Outputs: An integrated process model of the Digital Twin Organization. Report connecting dynamic process data and economic data. Recommendation for optimization.

Price: CZK 1-2 million


Dynamic model of the organization

Companies are often not satisfied with their static image. They are interested in continuous monitoring and reporting, i.e. monitoring the impact of changes on KPI processes or measurements. For this purpose, it is necessary to automate data transfers through integration. Optionally, you can create Data Lake, which is where the Digital Twin draws updated data.

Duration: 3-6 months

Outputs: Continuously updated reports connecting dynamic process data and economic data. User training. Continuous evaluation of reports.

Price: According to specification


Real-time decisioning

The peak of using the data twin is a real-time model. According to the dynamic model, activities and decision making are automated. In this way, it is possible not only to save on costs and to shorten the duration of processes, but also to achieve tremendous depth of personalization of processes, products and services towards the customer.

Duration: 3-6 months

Outputs: Scalable real-time data platform. Real-time alerting for key business areas. Real-time customer journey evaluation. Full personalization of processes and products.

Price: According to specification

Why create a Digital Twin with Trask?

We have a unique combination of business and IT knowledge. We are not only able to "swiftly" translate raw data from computer logs into business processes, but also to interpret these data through practical recommendations.

Our methodology can replace the traditional business intelligence and data warehousing domains where we achieve more accurate results at a fraction of the cost and less time.

We have developed our own unique Trask Process Discovery tool, which dramatically accelerates the creation of a Digital Twin. We will lend you this free of charge at the opening stages.

Our solution has a direct impact on your business. Since you know how much the process costs you today, you can easily calculate how much you save by cutting it by 30%. Already the initial analysis will open the door to many millions in savings.

We know different business fields and understand the needs of the individual parts of the company.

We have a detailed understanding of the classical IT agendas (business process management, robotization, integration, data warehouses) and we are able to implement the necessary changes in them.

Example of project results from our bank client

weeks from the delivery of the log
to the first discovery
hypotheses verified
within two weeks
process variants,
of which 80 are common
o 30 %
shorter processing times
coverage of all process variants

More Digital Twin results from our customers

In 3 weeks, we were able to use Trask Process Discovery to find out how the bank can accelerate credit processes by 30%.

We have reduced the insurance claims settlement period by 25%.

At the bank, we've made creation of dashboards 10x faster than traditional approaches.

We have analysed production problems and, as a result, we have reduced the scrap of products on the line from 200 pieces a month to 2 pieces. In addition, we have reduced overtime by 80%.

Logistics companies saved 3 FTEs by eliminating errors leading to 4 major incidents in processing orders per month.

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