We have been helping companies to innovate their processes since 1994. We help them launch new products into the market, improve the efficiency of internal processes, improve customer experience and adapt to new technologies. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, car manufacturers, and telecommunication operators. We have known them for a long time, that is why we understand their needs.

Trask's Figures

Let us have the figures do the talking about our success. We are one of the biggest IT companies with solely local capital in the Czech market.


Helping our customers innovate for 23 years. Bring new products, be more efficient and more successful in the market.


We employ more than 500 IT professionals and consultants.


Our earnings for services in 2017 were higher than 45 millions US Dollars. And they keep growing.


Our people learn and develop through training and certification as well as R&D projects. In 2016 alone we invested almost CZK 20 million into this.


9 out of our TOP 10 customers have been with us for over 15 years. For example, Česká spořitelna has been cooperating with us for 23 years.


We have worked on projects in more than 11 countries. This includes Hungary, Ireland, Vietnam, China, and Germany

Our People

The management of Trask contains experts with long years of experience. Each of them works all-out on one of our key competences.

Filip Tománek is one of the founders of Trask. As CEO, he is in charge of the company’s direction and performance

Filip Tománek

Tomáš Svoboda is one of the two founders of Trask. Today, as a Technical Manager, he is dedicated to the company's innovation and technology background. He studied at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague.

Tomáš Svoboda

Lukáš Jeník has been in Trask since 1995. Today he is Executive Director for IT & Security. He studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Lukáš Jeník

Miroslav Vaic has been in Trask since 1995. Today he is a partner and executive director in the areas of integration and processes. He studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Miroslav Vaic

Jiří Soukeník has been in Trask since 1996. Today he is the Executive Director of the field of Expert Services and Consultations.

Jiří Soukeník

Daniel Pecina in Trask since 2008. Before Trask, he acquired experience in managerial jobs in Japan and Germany. He is a graduate from the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Daniel Pecina

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR activities stem from the values we share and live at Trask. We are not an organisation that is bound by regulations or policies. Quite the opposite – we approach the individual needs and preferences our employees have. They are even expected to express them. They subsequently become our CSR ambassadors and obtain support for their activities.

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We can look at your business from a different perspective. That´s why we can come up with the new solutions that we can clearly describe, elaborate and design their technical implementation. The original idea is at the beginning of every good business. Thanks to our experience, we quickly know what you want and we are going to help you effectively.

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