Ennabling innovation

We've been helping companies to innovate their processes since 1994. We help them launch new products into the market, improve the efficiency of internal processes, improve customer experience and adapt to new technologies. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, car manufacturers, and telecommunication operators. We've known them for a long time, that is why we understand their needs.

Creating NextGen Digital Solution

Digital banking products have more to them than just helping move your sales to an online form. What we are aiming at is pushing the limits of possibility – both technical and regulatory. Advanced technologies may transform some of the traditional approaches to banking products. Our ambition is to implement such new technologies and to pioneer the progress.

NLP by Trask Helps Banks Analyse Documents Automatically

Natural language processing is another modern technology based on artificial intelligence. It helps computers understand human language – spoken or written – and extract relevant information. Full comprehension of human language starts with words, but there’s syntax and semantics as well.

Czech Banking Industry Outlook 2020

Will the new year see an economic slowdown and crisis as has been prophesied, or is the economy about to grow instead? It will be some time before we find out, and this year's main tech trends offer technologies that can help banks to prepare for both scenarios at the same time.

Filip Tománek: Long-Term Growth, Client Partnership and Corporate Philosophy

Digitalisation is searching for new solutions to existing issues, says Filip Tománek, CEO and founder of Trask, a tech company with 25 years’ history on the Czech market. What was the IT market development over the past 25 years? Is the current pace of innovations sustainable? And what about the impact of a financial crisis on innovations?

Banking Technologies: Prepare for the Future

Modern information technologies for banking services enhance digitalisation, improve client comfort, support legislative compliance and, most importantly, offer ready-made solutions that are available right now.

How Our Digital Platform Helps Banks to Attract New Clients by a Fully Digital Loan

With the progressive digitalisation, stronger competition and the fragmentation of the banking market banks need to come up with new methods to attract clients.

What we do

We help companies with digital transformation. We enable their innovation through our solutions, our people and our knowledge.


Although we started as a purely technology company, we soon understood that the advisory role is equally important for our customers. Today, we have experts and know-how at our disposal. They assist companies in selecting the best technology for the business issue in question; the technology is tested in a real environment using Proof of Concept (POC).

Business Solutions

Digital Transformation is a trendy word as well as an objective reality in which our customers’ businesses migrate in part, or in full, into the digital world. We have prepared and deployed solutions which can be used again.

Technology Solutions

The monitoring of the latest technology trends has been Trask’s fundamental expertise since the beginning. We immediately try and critically evaluate anything new that comes our way. We know that true innovation is not the use of buzzwords; it is the ability to implement reliable solutions. This is where we excel.

IT services

Our team has many experts focusing on many professions: from analysis to the development and project management. We offer our customers the opportunity to expand their teams with experts who have gained their knowledge with us. Their premium asset is that they do not work alone: everyone is a member of a network of colleagues who are ready to help and contribute.

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We can look at your business from a different perspective. That´s why we can come up with the new solutions that we can clearly describe, elaborate and design their technical implementation. The original idea is at the beginning of every good business. Thanks to our experience, we quickly know what you want and we are going to help you effectively.

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