Since 1994 we have been helping companies to innovate their processes. Our firm helps them to launch new products, improve their efficiency of internal processes, improve customer experience and adapt to new technologies. We are collaborating with banks, insurance companies, car manufactures, and telecommunication operators. From these long-lasting relationships we have learned how to identify and satisfy our clients’ needs.


How Our Digital Platform Helps Banks to Attract New Clients by a Fully Digital Loan

How Our Digital Platform Helps Banks to Attract New Clients by a Fully Digital Loan

With the progressive digitalisation, stronger competition and the fragmentation of the banking market banks need to come up with new methods to attract clients.

Time To Grow And Expand

Time To Grow And Expand

The Czech Republic is a leader when it comes to digital banking services, and new opportunities are open for all of us.

Innovation Requires Freedom: Experience With Agile Development

Innovation Requires Freedom: Experience With Agile Development

The product creation approach, simply referred to as agile, dramatically reduces time-to-market.

Our Competences

We combine our technical expertise with detailed knowledge of our clients' businesses.


Digital transformation stands behind the change of clients’ businesses into the digital world. This transformation can be done either partially or fully. We deliver deployed solutions which can be applied and reapplied according to the clients’ needs.


Since the beginning, monitoring of the latest technology trends has been our fundamental expertise. We immediately try and critically evaluate new technology trends, and that is what keeps us on the top. We believe in innovation as well as fast implementation of our solutions.


Although we started as purely technology company, we soon understood the advisory role is equally important. We have obtained important know-how and skilled experts. Their role is to select the best technology fitting the clients’ needs and wants. The technology is being tested in real environment using Proof of Concept (POC).

IT Services

Our teams are diverse as they include many professionals from analysis to development experts, all the way to project managers. The clients are being offered the opportunity to expand their teams with our experts who posses certain knowledge needed to perfect the solution. Moreover, each of them has a network of colleagues who can help.

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Even though we work for big companies, we try to inspire sense of a family in our employees and co-workers. We are leading experts in the field, always striving to be one step ahead of our competitors. Working in IT was our choice, and we treat is as such.